• What are E-Liquids?

    What are E-Liquids?

    Electronic cigarettes have become a popular alternative to cigars and cigarettes and are replacing traditional cigarettes more and more. Understanding just how these electronics cigarettes are being used as well as what you need to do to get an a satisfying experience from them is best started with understanding what an E-liquid is and why it is such a critical part of an electronic cigarette.

    What is in an e-liquid?

    E-liquids are simple cartridges that contain both nicotine and flavorings. They are ignited as part of the process of smoking an electronic cigarette and deliver the nicotine and flavors. Because they are heated up at high temperatures, they only deliver a vapor which will not contaminate the clothes of the smoker or bother passers by, and is considered less offensive to others. E-liquids are small and compact and long lasting and do not bother others in the same way that cigarettes typically do. Some people even believe that there are health benefits associated with using e-liquids as opposed to other alternatives due to the way the e-liquid is heated up without the presence of smoke.

    What are the differences in varying e-liquid options?

    There are many different options out there for e-liquids in terms of flavor. Some e-liquids have traditional tobacco flavors while others have specific fruit flavors or other unique options. Cbd oil is another additive that some people choose to have added into their e-liquids which can provide some health benefits associated with them and is an interesting choice. Alternatively some people will choose an e-liquid that has a reduced level of nicotine in it as a way of reducing their use of tobacco, with some potentially bad side effects. There are ultimately a wide range of choices for E-liquids and choosing the right option can be a real enhancement in the smoking experience overall.

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